The Virgin Boy Gets It

Getting laid was a dream Mark had ever since he joined high school. This desire was especially ignited by his peers who had an easy way with girls. Well Mark was this introvert who had no one to turn to but his books. He had also read so much about sex that he wanted to try out. He was shy to tell his girlfriend Martha, who happened to be his age met.

Well Martha was not a virgin, she lost hers a year ago before she met Mark. She knew her new boyfriend was too shy to ask for sex but also understood that he really needed it. Mark feared the aftermath—pregnancy to be precise. He never trusted condoms and safe days. But it only took one Saturday evening to lose his virginity.

On this day, Martha decided to try seducing Mark. She too really needed a dick since it had been 6 months since they started dating. So, she invited Mark to her home when her parents had travelled for the weekend. She knew Mark would never turn down a study session and so she lied.

Mark was at her doorstep with some books in his bag as expected of him. He rang the bell and Martha shouted from the bathroom “come in”. He walked in and she told him to wait in her room since that’s where they normally carried out their studies.

He was now in Martha’s room, flipping pages of an encyclopedia when Martha walked in from the bathroom naked. This was the first-time Mark had seen a naked woman standing in front of him. She walked up to him and said, “come get it Mark”.

There was a moment of confusion and tension. Her body was soaking wet and her breast perfectly fixed. Mark stood up by the bedside and wanted to approach but hesitated for a moment. Martha knew she had to make a complete move. She went closer to him and pushed him on the bed. He asked, “where are your parents?” She assured him they would not show up that day. She kissed him and Mark kissed her back.

He had a hard erection and his sweat pant revealed it all. Martha knew Mark had no idea what foreplay was and so she went straight for a blow job. Mark was now in his own world and couldn’t recall how his dick finally entered the already wet pussy. The warm vaginal walls grabbed his dick tightly and he felt the greatest pleasure of his life. She rode him for 3 minutes before he ejaculated. This was the sweetest feeling he had ever had and he wanted a second round.

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